Awards Are Fleeting, True Creation Is Permanent

Sports has a saying – class is permanent, form is temporary – music too mimics this observation. Think of all the famous musicians who caught the lime light with their creations rather than their antiques. If Celine Dion walked down the road, regardless of who you are, you would feel obliged to shake her hand and thank her for a job well done, but not all will do the same with say, Miley Cyrus or a certain Spears! Hence, proven that true composers are rare and great ones are rare as diamonds.

music awardsWhy am I starting my first post with such words? It is because true creativity and class is what differentiates the best from the rest, regardless of the field, niche or industry. Even products, companies, service providers are easy to classify based on this principle. When Elvis Presley made a name for himself, he could never have known the culture he would be leaving behind in his wake, how Las Vegas would lap him up as his own. Good creations always persevere through the test of time. That is the biggest award anything can get – awards, prizes, recognition are just fleeting.

I just got a new vacuum cleaner a few days back and now writing this post, it becomes clear why I went for a Hoover, even though its costly. Fact is trust built through tradition, hard work and excellence cannot be overcome through fleeting innovation and creativity.

My granddad often said, quality is all-prevalent but very few actually take the pain to ensure quality remains. Popularity and fame seems to bloat up the very best of us, be it companies, musicians or individuals.

For all musicians, the next time you think of taking the easy road ahead, playing by what’s popular today, remember that awards are fleeting, true creation is always permanent.

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