Goovey Sealers for this Winter!!

sealerVacuum sealers have become an absolute necessity in the modern household because of its ability to help people save time in preserving food for consumption over a period. Another great option for these machines is to help keep your pet’s food fresh over a long period of time. As we know, you get the best deals on pet food at places like costco, so vacuum sealer come in handy when you need to seal up additional pet food. The vacuum sealers enable their users to shop for groceries and other perishable items and stock them for periods ranging from a few days to several weeks. However, just like any other appliance the vacuum sealer can also experience several types of problems because of repeated use over a period. Thus, we have sourced this information from to show you how it is the benefit of the users of these sealers to make themselves aware of the most common types of problems to affect these appliances.

  • The suction system is among the most crucial aspect for the proper working of the vacuum sealer, since this part is instrumental in creating the vacuum before sealing the food items within vacuum-sealed bags. Thus, malfunctioning of the suction system can make the entire appliance unfit for use and users need to diagnose the problem at the earliest to make the sealer reusable. However, the suction system can malfunction because of a number of reasons and users must find out the exact reason to have affected the functioning this system.

Any problem with the inbuilt motor might not be the only probable cause behind a malfunctioning suction system. Inserting the vacuum sealing bag or roll in excess of the required length can block the suction pipe. Thus, users must be careful not to cross the colored line that is there at the mouth of the vacuuming chamber, which indicates the maximum permissible length for insertion. Presence of high amount of dirt and grime between the lid and the device can also lead to malfunctioning of the suction system.

  • Uses of vacuum sealers can also experience improper sealing of the vacuum-sealed bags because of various other reasons. This problem manifests in the form of the preserved items going bad in spite of sealing them under a vacuum. This is because the mouth of the bag or roll does not seal properly due to the presence of water or oil on the mouth. Thus, the mouth does not stick properly and leave small holes or leakages in the package. Small holes and leakages can also occur because of sealing on uneven surfaces.
  • Another common reason for malfunctioning of the vacuum sealer may be overloading of the vacuum bags or canisters. Packing the canister to the brim can lead to the vacuum sealer not being able to seal it effectively after creating a vacuum. Thus, users must keep in mind to leave at least an inch of space free from the top of the canister to ensure its proper sealing.

Users of vacuum sealers can take care of these common problems by following the suggestions and using their common sense.