Hurricanes Have Increased The Sales of Portable Generators

Generators are an important source of electricity which is widely used in parts of the world however it requires gasoline, natural gas or liquid propane to function. After the hurricane fiasco in US, it seems that the demand for them has raised higher than usual. The reason for this can be explained in detail below:


US has been dealing with hurricanes and tornadoes for quite some time now. However most of the times, they were on a very small scale until recently, hurricanes like Harvey, Irma and Katrina etc. have highlighted the importance of generators because with the striking of hurricanes, a lot of damages to the infrastructure is done. This includes electricity poles and communication poles.

Electricity is essential because it can help us in connecting to the rest of the world and possibly ask for help if in need however if you are devoid of it then it becomes a huge problem. Also damages by hurricanes and other catastrophic disasters take a long time to fix so if you have a generator, you can survive for a few days before eventually some sort of alternative is produced.

Use of Generators

Use of the portable generators is a lot but mostly people use it for power in case of an outage.  While US has hardly ever faced blackouts or power outages hence the importance of generators is yet to be recognized. In a way this is good because it ensures that US has no need for a generator as its own reservoirs are quite full.

However, in times of disasters like enormous hurricanes, people need electricity to help them out of striking situations and if you don’t have electricity available you won’t be able to help yourself. For this purpose, generators are extremely important so that in times of emergency you can use them and help yourself out.

Why Sales Have Increased After the Hurricanes?

The sales have increased after the hurricanes because as already discussed, US has never had power outages or blackouts before. It did have a few but that would be fixed in a matter of hours. After the hurricanes, the power outages take a long time to fix and people especially our generation cannot survive in blackouts for a long time hence for emergency purpose or in other words simply as a backup plan, people have started buying generators to keep them in their basements so as to use them in time of need.

Final Verdict

In the end, you should be aware of the fact that until and unless you don’t face a certain problem, you don’t work for a solution. The hurricanes have ensured the importance of generators in the people so now they feel prepared. For homes, the portable generators are quite useful. Despite the alarming situations, sometimes the fuse breaks out or you face problems with your electricity so in those times, you can use your generator quite efficiently without worrying about pausing your work. Either way it is safe to say that buying yourself a portable generator is definitely not a waste of your money!